A picture can be worth a thousand words.

So hiring the right photographer for an event is perhaps something that would be hard to put into words. But let’s try anyways.

Photography continues to be an underrated and very important segment of the any industry. When building a website almost all images are taken from stock photo websites or Google images.

This inevitably means that there are more and more overlaps on the content being created online by images being reused.

Creating new and unique images for our website is not that challenging. It requires creativity, a photographer or a graphics designer.

But when developing a website for a photography business what are the considerations one must have.

There is no room in a photography based website for any generic or reusable stock photos.

Everything from the logo of the photographer or the studio to their portfolio should be unique to the business.

To prevent copyright issues a discrete watermark can be placed in all pictures placed online.

Whether it is studio based photography or outdoor photography the website should showcase some of the work as well as address some other frequently asked questions.

Most common concerns would be the availability the costs and booking information.

The website should reflect the feel of the artist, the photographer. It should have the background, look and feel that may be experienced when working with the photographer.

There are photographers that take pictures of people, then there are those that photograph landscapes and take pictures of nature.

Visitors to websites are usually very quick to decide on whether they will proceed with engaging with the site or not moving on to someone else. To accomodate this the content and text on the page should match the layout of the images and offering.

Lets take the example of a wedding photographer and a bride-to-be that wishes to capture her wedding day with the help of such a professional. If the potential customer comes across the website through a search engine search for a terms such as “wedding photographer (in my city)” and she clicks on this example website – it would be vital to ensure that the words “Wedding Photographer” are clearly displayed to make sure the experience of searching and then clicking are smooth.

By adding a “promotion” or sale special it may further entice the potential client to disucss the project further.

Some aspects of the building a website for photographers and photo studios are unique to the industry but others would remain in line with how people use websites and what they expect.

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