One of the focus areas where TopWebDesign offers expertise is building information based websites such: public information website (government or private), construction update, public advisories

In a world where information is constantly created and shared with everyone the delivery of that information becomes vital.

Of course we have large news networks and government delivery platforms. But what about smaller scale business and government notifications for public.

With constant news about the coronavirus (covid-19) being updated every few days the correct information being shared from a reliable source is more important. We have all become all too exposed to fake content generated by people that spreads rapidly via social media

The internet is full of dummy and false information. by simply creating a basic website you have no guarantee that your information will reach the correct audience.

It’s important to ensure that once you have a website that serves information for your audience you validate the authority of the website.

The importance of validation in a world of fake news cannot be stressed enough. As we get more exposed to online media the penetration that mainstream media used to have once upon a time has been waining as of late.

When an information based website is constructed the parent organizations behind it should take steps to validate its authority.

For example if a municipal authority such as a parks department had created a website it can easily validate its authority by linking to it from the parent site. Similarly, if the public was to be updated on long term construction progress the local city/region/country should link and refer people to the site.

Additionally using social media which in itself has its own validation process to share updated information from this website would further validate the information.

Regardless of what information is being shared a website that provides up-to-date and current information for its audience needs to be created and maintained properly.

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