There’s very little today that cannot be done online. From researching and purchasing travel to ordering food within a few clicks online ordering is the norm.

The process to build an online or an e-commerce business sometimes is less than straightforward.

Larger websites take into consideration intricate details such as how many clicks before a product is added to a shopping cart. The ease of payment processing is also one major consideration.

While most people think about the user interface few people actually think about how the business that is transitioning to an online store will serve these clients.

The majority of businesses even today continue to serve people in person. this means people come into a retail store or a place of business, they select the product or service they want, pay for it and then leave.

Doing this online is a lot less personal in most cases.

Users will come to a website search or find the product that they’re looking for add to cart and quickly check out.

As simple as that sounds there are always some other factors to think about.

Simple products which don’t require additional options such as colors, features are relatively simple to process.

Then there are those purchases where customers want to discuss some of the options available before making the purchase

For example buying auto parts; a customer may want to make sure that it fits their specific vehicles make model and age. When buying clothing customers may want reassurance that the size fits Beyond the information which is offered on the website

The point here is that whilst the front and of a website can be made relatively simply the back end integration into the existing business infrastructure needs careful execution.

This is where specific resources in the business would have to be assigned and in some cases trained to handle this new business.

Additional tools may now be required such as processing by email, chatting with people online, validating payment and perhaps most important of all, the shipping or delivery of the goods or service.

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